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@@ -2,8 +2,7 @@ INSTALLATION
- Apple iPhone/iPod Touch 1.0/1.1/1.1.1/1.2/1.3/2.0+
- + iPod USB cable
+ Apple iPhone/iPod Touch + iPod USB cable
You must have:
@@ -35,29 +34,27 @@ Now comes the fun bit!
To mount:
- mount -t fuse.ifuse <device file> <mountpoint> (if installed to /sbin)
- ./mount.fuse.ifuse <device file> <mountpoint> (for local access)
+ $ ifuse <mountpoint>
- The device file is not important and can be anything but it will show up
- in the mtab, so sometimes it's useful.
If you mount your device as regular user, system migth complain that file
/etc/fuse.conf is not readable. It means you do not belong to the 'fuse'
group (see below).
-To unmount either do:
- umount <mountpoint>
- fusermount -u <mountpoint>
+To unmount you do:
+ $ fusermount -u <mountpoint>
-Currently ifuse (via the AFC protocol) only gives access to the
+By default, iFuse (via the AFC protocol) only gives access to the
'/var/root/Media/' chroot on the iPhone (containing music/pictures). However,
-if the device has been jailedbreaked a full view of the iPhone's filesystem
-will be available with the following command
+if the device has been jailedbroken, a full view of the iPhone's filesystem
+will be available using the following command when mounting
+ $ ifuse --root <mountpoint>
+Addtional help can be shown using:
- ./mount.fuse.ifuse --root <device file> <mountpoint>
+ $ ifuse --help
==== Setting up FUSE ====
@@ -74,7 +71,6 @@ You can check your membership of the 'fuse' group with:
If you have just added yourself, you will need to logout and log back
in for the group change to become visible.
== Who/what/where? ==
@@ -90,4 +86,5 @@ mailing list:
- 2009-03-28
+ 2009-09-13