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AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2009-07-18Update iFuse to compile with latest libiphone lockdown API changesGravatar Martin Szulecki1-6/+7
2009-07-18iFuse adaption to AFC API change.Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-41/+42
2009-07-07support for listing special filesGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+8
2009-07-07ifuse: full symlink and hardlink supportGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+48
2009-07-07make ifuse work with the afc api change to use file handlesGravatar Nikias Bassen1-51/+77
2009-05-18Modified to make it work with latest libiphone API changes.Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-2/+7
2009-05-08Handle file modes correctlyGravatar Nikias Bassen1-22/+38
2009-05-08afc error handling in ifuse_open and ifuse_getattrGravatar Nikias Bassen1-3/+23
2009-04-23Remove reference to libiphone-initconf.Gravatar Jonathan Beck1-1/+0
2009-04-13Do not rely on libiphone wrongly exported symbol. Make free_dictionary part o...Gravatar Jonathan Beck1-0/+13
2009-04-01restore --root and fix READMEGravatar Paul Sladen1-1/+1
2009-03-26Make automounting actually work. [#3 state:resolved]Gravatar Matt Colyer1-0/+1
2009-03-08Fixes truncate method using new libiphoneGravatar Nikias Bassen1-11/+3
2009-02-05Fix ifuse_statfs to report correct free and total space of device.Gravatar Martin Szulecki1-3/+5
2009-02-05Fix warnings about main() return value type mismatch.Gravatar Martin Szulecki1-3/+3
2009-01-13Handle command options correctly and add helpful errors for common mistakes.Gravatar Matt Colyer1-33/+19
2009-01-13Correctly handle file modes.Gravatar Zoltan Balaton1-3/+5
2008-10-23Indent fixes.Gravatar Matt Colyer1-7/+6
2008-10-23Uses AFC filehandle to handle multiple file transfers better.Gravatar Zach C1-6/+11
2008-10-17Made afc the default, afc2 must be specified to use the jailbroken mode.Gravatar Matt Colyer1-10/+29
2008-10-08Remove st_dev as it was unneeded.Gravatar Matt Colyer1-1/+0
2008-10-07Initial commit.Gravatar Matt Colyer1-0/+372