BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
martinDump generated device_info for debuggingMartin Szulecki5 years
masterBump clutter-gtk requirement to 1.0Martin Szulecki4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-03-18Bump clutter-gtk requirement to 1.0HEADmasterMartin Szulecki
2012-03-18Add all device models known up to nowMartin Szulecki
2012-03-18Make label and shadow calculations also dynamicMartin Szulecki
2012-03-18Add libbz2 requirement to configure.acMartin Szulecki
2012-03-18Dump generated device_info for debuggingMartin Szulecki
2012-03-18Also set uuid in device_get_info()Martin Szulecki
2012-03-18First pass of changing hardcoded drawing calculations into dynamic onesMartin Szulecki
2012-03-18Update the screen layout after updating device informationMartin Szulecki
2012-03-18Add gui_folder prefix for function only used for foldersMartin Szulecki
2012-03-18Set default values for home screen and icon folders in device_info_new()Martin Szulecki