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- Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV devices
+A fuse filesystem implementation to access the contents of iOS devices.
-You must have:
+Development Packages of:
+ libfuse (and the associated kernel modules)
- libfuse-dev (and the associated kernel modules)
- libglib2.0-dev
+ libplist
+ usbmuxd
+ libtool
+ pkg-config
To compile run:
- sudo make install # (if you want to install it into your system directories)
-On Ubuntu/Debian, you can do:
- sudo apt-get install build-essential automake autoconf \
- libfuse-dev libglib2.0-dev
-(make sure that you have compiled libimobiledevice first)
+ sudo make install
+Of course you could already use the tool from the src/ directory locally.
-Now comes the fun bit!
-To mount:
+To mount the media partition from the device:
$ ifuse <mountpoint>
- If you mount your device as regular user, system migth complain that file
- /etc/fuse.conf is not readable. It means you do not belong to the 'fuse'
- group (see below).
+ If you mount your device as regular user, the system might complain that
+ the file /etc/fuse.conf is not readable. It means you do not belong to the
+ 'fuse' group (see below).
+To unmount as a regular user you must run:
-To unmount you do:
$ fusermount -u <mountpoint>
-By default, iFuse (via the AFC protocol) gives access to the '/var/root/Media/'
+By default, ifuse (via the AFC protocol) gives access to the '/var/root/Media/'
chroot on the device (containing music/pictures). This is the right and safe
way to access the device. However, if the device has been jailbroken, a full
view of the device's filesystem might be available using the following command
@@ -57,9 +61,9 @@ AFC2 service on the device to enable root filesystem usage. For instance
blackra1n does not install it and thus does not enable root filesystem access!
Use with care as the AFC protocol was not made to access the root filesystem.
-If using libimobiledevice >= 1.1.0, ifuse can be used with the iTunes
+If using libimobiledevice >= 1.1.0, ifuse can also be used with the iTunes
file/document sharing feature. It allows you to exchange files with an
-application on the device direclty through it's documents folder by specifing
+application on the device directly through it's documents folder by specifing
the application identifier like this:
$ ifuse --appid <appid> <mountpoint>
@@ -72,7 +76,8 @@ Addtional help can be shown using:
$ ifuse --help
-==== Setting up FUSE ====
+Setting up FUSE
Note that on some systems, you may have to load the 'fuse' kernel
module first and to ensure that you are a member of the 'fuse' group:
@@ -87,20 +92,27 @@ You can check your membership of the 'fuse' group with:
If you have just added yourself, you will need to logout and log back
in for the group change to become visible.
-== Who/what/where? ==
+ git clone
- git clone git://
+Code (Mirror):
+ git clone
-mailing list:
+Mailing List:
+ irc://
@@ -108,6 +120,5 @@ Apple, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV and iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc.
ifuse is an independent software program and has not been
authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Apple Inc.
-README updated on:
- 2011-01-09
+README Updated on:
+ 2013-11-12