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Improve error message on failed root filesystem access and add hint to README
The AFC2 service required to access the root filesystem is non-standard. It is installed by older jailbreaking software but for instance not by blackra1n for devices like the 3GS. Now users get a better hint at why their attempts to use ifuse fail with the --root switch. This also moves the print to stderr where it actually can be seen by users. [#107 state:resolved]
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$ fusermount -u <mountpoint>
-By default, iFuse (via the AFC protocol) only gives access to the
-'/var/root/Media/' chroot on the iPhone (containing music/pictures). However,
-if the device has been jailedbroken, a full view of the iPhone's filesystem
-will be available using the following command when mounting
+By default, iFuse (via the AFC protocol) gives access to the '/var/root/Media/'
+chroot on the iPhone (containing music/pictures). This is the right and safe
+way to access the device. However, if the device has been jailbroken, a full
+view of the iPhone's filesystem might be available using the following command
+when mounting:
$ ifuse --root <mountpoint>
+Note that only PwnageTool and older jailbreak software installs the necessary
+AFC2 service on the device to enable root filesystem usage. For instance
+blackra1n does not install it and thus does not enable root filesystem access!
+Use with care as the AFC protocol was not made to access the root filesystem.
Addtional help can be shown using:
$ ifuse --help
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git clone git://
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