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2022-08-24[github-actions] Add a scheduled build every 1st of the month so we always ha...masterGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+4
2022-05-23termcolors: Rename COLOR_* macros to FG_* due to conflict with ncursesGravatar Nikias Bassen1-24/+24
2022-04-22[clang-tidy] Do not use else after return/break/continueGravatar Rosen Penev1-2/+1
2022-04-22[clang-tidy] utils: Fix too small loop variableGravatar Rosen Penev1-1/+1
2022-04-22[clang-tidy] use uppercase numeric literalsGravatar Rosen Penev1-4/+4
2022-04-13termcolors: Add missing stdio.h includeGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+1
2022-04-04Updated README with pkg-config requirementGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+2
2022-04-04utils: Close file if buffer allocation fails in buffer_read_from_filename()Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+1
2022-04-01Fix undefined bswap32 and bswap64 for MIPS machineGravatar Potin Lai1-2/+2
2022-03-29socket: Add socket_get_socket_port functionGravatar Nikias Bassen2-3/+24
2022-03-29[github-actions] Use windows-2019 instead of windows-latest for nowGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+1
2022-02-09utils: Use libplist's plist_from_memory instead of duplicating format detectionGravatar Nikias Bassen1-5/+1
2022-02-04Add support for Apple's OPACK encoding and TLV formatGravatar Nikias Bassen8-1/+886
2022-02-04Add a simple char buffer implementationGravatar Nikias Bassen4-1/+105
2021-11-25Ignore IDE files and macOS finder infoGravatar Rick Mark1-0/+3
2021-11-24socket: Add FreeBSD supprt to get_primary_mac_addressGravatar Cameron Katri1-2/+6
2021-10-19utils: Fix bad malloc result check in buffer_read_from_filename and test argu...Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+5
2021-09-25Updated READMEGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+4
2021-09-13[github-actions] macOS: build for arm64 tooGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+11
2021-09-13Check availability of constructor attribute and use it on Windows in favor of...Gravatar Nikias Bassen2-10/+36
2021-08-31configure: Make sure to check properly for pthread_once and pthread_cancelGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+8
2021-08-31utils: Add missing plist_print_to_stream_with_indentation declaration to publ...Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+1
2021-08-30thread: Make sure cond_* API is publicly exportedGravatar Nikias Bassen1-5/+5
2021-08-30utils: Make MAC_EPOCH define publicGravatar Nikias Bassen2-2/+2
2021-08-27Update deprecated autoconf macros and update m4 filesGravatar Nikias Bassen3-113/+150
2021-06-30README: Fix typoGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+1
2021-06-21utils: Make sure to add MAC_EPOCH when printing PLIST_DATE nodesGravatar Nikias Bassen1-1/+3
2021-06-21utils: Add plist_print_to_stream_with_indentation()Gravatar Nikias Bassen1-3/+7
2021-06-11Add build status badge to README.mdGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+2
2021-06-11[github-actions] Add build workflowGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+151
2021-06-11termcolors: Cast to correct type for format string specifierGravatar Nikias Bassen1-2/+2
2021-06-11utils: Suppress compiler warningGravatar Nikias Bassen1-0/+3
2021-06-11thread(win32): Make sure cond_wait and cond_wait_timeout return a valueGravatar Nikias Bassen1-2/+15
2021-06-11Add helper for handling colored terminal outputGravatar Nikias Bassen5-5/+485
2021-06-07socket: Add get_primary_mac_address()Gravatar Nikias Bassen2-0/+64
2021-06-07Initial check-in of sourcesGravatar Nikias Bassen20-0/+3688