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The generated keys are saved in '~/.config/libiphone/' in your home directory.
-== Tools ==
-There are currently two more executables 'ifuse' and 'iphoneclient',
-both located in src/.
-=== iFuse ===
-This is probably what you're after; this mounts a view of your
-iPhone/iPod Touch's filesystem over the USB interface using the native
-Apple protocol (AFC/"").
-ifuse is a Fuse filesystem which allows you to mount your iPhone to a directory
-like this:
- ./src/ifuse <mountpoint> -s
-To unmount:
- umount <mountpoint>
-(nb: '-s' is to force single-threaded mode, as ifuse maybe unstable without it).
- mkdir ~/iphone
- ifuse ~/iphone -s
- ls -l ~/iphone
- ...
- umount ~/iphone
-Currently ifuse (via the AFC protocol) only gives access to the
-'/var/root/Media/' chroot on the iPhone (containing music/pictures).
-If you have a device that has been jailedbreaked then an additional
-("") service will have been installed, without the chroot.
-On jailbroken devices only, you can do:
- ifuse ~/iphone --root -s
-And this will mount a full view of the iPhone's filesystem.
-==== Setting up FUSE ====
-Note that on some systems, you may have to load the 'fuse' kernel
-module first and to ensure that you are a member of the 'fuse' group:
- sudo modprobe fuse
- sudo adduser $USER fuse
-You can check your membership of the 'fuse' group with:
- id | grep fuse && echo yes! || echo not yet...
-If you have just added yourself, you will need to logout and log back
-in for the group change to become visible.
-=== iphoneclient ===
-'iphoneclient' is a basic commandline interface for testing, it just
-runs a few various test operations such as attempting to view/create a
-test file in the iPhone, but is mainly a developer tool.
== Who/what/where? ==