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* Development release
* Changes:
+ - Implement automatic reconnecting in idevicesyslog
+ - Refactor all services to use new base service
+ - Add new generic service_client_factory_start_service() helper
+ - Implement a base service that all services inherit from
- API: Refactor use of "port numbers" into a "service descriptor" which is
a needed change as all services must now transparently support SSL.
Fortunately, only minor changes are needed to migrate your code properly.
- Add experimental ideviceheartbeat to allow service checkin over the network
- Add heartbeat service implementation to keep alive network connections
- Add webinspector service implementation for WebKit remote debugging
+ - Fix idevicebackup2 failing due to integer overflow in free disk space
+ calculation on 32 bit architectures and large disk capacities
- Add support for encrypted and password protected backups to idevicebackup2
- Fix major "too long filename received" bug in idevicebackup2
- Various fixes for proper and tested WIN32 support including MinGW building