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+You must have:
+ libgnutls-dev
+ libusb-dev
+ libfuse-dev (and the associated kernel modules)
+ libglib2.0-dev
+ libxml2-dev
+ make
+ autoheader
+ automake
+ autoconf
+ gcc
+IMPORTANT: You must edit src/ifuse.c and src/main.c and replace your HostID
+from the plist file stored by iTunes. You can find these lines because they are
+currently commented out. In Windows this file is located in:
+C:\Documents and Settings\Your Username\Application Data\Apple Computer\Lockdown\<device serial number>.plist
+IMPORTANT: You must also have a public certificate for the device located in
+the root directory of the source named hostcert.pem. This can also be extracted
+from the above file.
+To compile run:
+ ./
+ ./configure
+ make
+There are currently 2 executables iphoneclient and ifuse, located in src/.
+iphoneclient is a basic commandline interface, it just runs a few various operations.
+ifuse is a Fuse filesystem which allows you to mount your iPhone to a directory
+like this:
+ ./src/ifuse mountpoint
+To unmount:
+ umount mountpoint
+Currently the ifuse filesystem is read-only, until the development has
+progressed further.