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Update idevicebackup2 man page with all current command line switches
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@@ -37,13 +37,16 @@ prints version information.
.B backup
create backup for the device.
+.B \t\-\-full
+force full backup from device.
.B restore
restore last backup to the device.
.B \t\-\-system
restore system files, too.
-.BI \t\-\-reboot
+.B \t\-\-no\-reboot
reboot the system when done.
.B \t\-\-copy
@@ -55,6 +58,9 @@ restore device settings from the backup.
.B \t\-\-remove
remove items which are not being restored.
+.B \t\-\-skip-apps
+do not trigger re-installation of apps after restore.
.B \t\-\-password PWD
supply the password of the source backup.
@@ -64,11 +70,17 @@ show details about last completed backup of device.
.B list
list files of last completed backup in CSV format.
+.B unback
+unpack a completed backup in DIRECTORY/_unback_/
.B encryption on|off [PWD]
enable or disable backup encryption.
.B changepw [OLD NEW]
change backup password on target device.
+.B cloud on|off
+enable or disable cloud use (requires iCloud account).
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