BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMove EBADMSG and EPROTO defines out of the WIN32 ifdefGravatar David Crosby14 days
1.0.10libusbmuxd-1.0.10.tar.gz  libusbmuxd-1.0.10.tar.bz2  Gravatar Martin Szulecki21 months
1.0.9libusbmuxd-1.0.9.tar.gz  libusbmuxd-1.0.9.tar.bz2  Gravatar Nikias Bassen2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
14 daysMove EBADMSG and EPROTO defines out of the WIN32 ifdefHEADmasterGravatar David Crosby
14 dayswin32: Return WaitForSingleObject error code in usbmuxd_unsubscribeGravatar Nikias Bassen
14 daysReport pthread_kill/pthread_join errors in usbmuxd_unsubscribeGravatar Christophe Fergeau
14 daysHandle 'Paired' message and pass event to client through callbackGravatar Nikias Bassen
14 daysLog all errors during receive for debuggingGravatar BALATON Zoltan
14 daysCatch Paired message even if it is ignored now to prevent returning anGravatar BALATON Zoltan
2015-12-29common: [security fix] Make sure sockets only listen locallyGravatar Joshua Hill
2015-05-20Update AUTHORS file with correct listGravatar Martin Szulecki
2015-01-30Improve maintainability and requires of pkg-config fileGravatar Martin Szulecki
2014-10-15Post-release version bump to 1.1.0Gravatar Martin Szulecki