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2007-07-08Add ZIP Manager, Snakes 3D, Settings Wizard icons and fix more black stroke i...HEADmasterGravatar mszulecki23-686/+5703
2007-06-26Add podcast icon and fix more black stroke issues.Gravatar mszulecki7-115/+299
2007-06-25Add infrared and extra folder icons.Gravatar mszulecki3-6/+351
2007-06-25Fix a lot of black stroke errors and add initial 3rd party app icons.Gravatar mszulecki57-2372/+5180
2007-06-25Change colordepth to 24 and fix package names.Gravatar mszulecki1-182/+176
2007-06-24Add beta version of theme.Gravatar mszulecki199-0/+33350
2007-06-24Default repository structure created.Gravatar System0-0/+0