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+- Improve error checking and be strict on parsing errors
+OK - Do not show extended information on WADs we can not parse like system IOS WADs
+- Rewrite patcher to use Wii related structures to change data
+- Allow unpacking and packing WAD files
+- New API:
+typedef struct {
+ build_info bi;
+ imet imet;
+ u8_archive *u8_archive;
+} app_file;
+typedef struct {
+ tmd_header header;
+ tmd_content_record *content_record[];
+} tmd_file;
+typdef struct {
+ wad_header header;
+ char cert_chain;
+ tik tik;
+ tmd_file tmd_file;
+ char *content;
+ char *footer;
+} wad_file;
+void wad_header_read(FILE *f, wad_header *header);
+void wad_header_write(FILE *f, wad_header *header);
+ u32 wad_header_get_section_offset(wad_header *header, u8 section);
+void wad_seek_to_section(FILE *f, u8 section);
+void cert_chain_read(FILE *f, char *cert_chain, u32 size);
+void cert_chain_write(FILE *f, char *cert_chain, u32 size);
+void ticket_read(FILE *f, wii_tik *ticket);
+void ticket_write(FILE *f, wii_tik *ticket);
+void tmd_read(FILE *f, char *tmd, u32 size);
+void tmd_write(FILE *f, char *tmd, u32 size);
+void tmd_free(char *tmd);
+ u32 tmd_content_records_calculate_content_block_size(tmd_content_record *records, u16 num_records);
+void content_read(FILE *f, char *content, u32 size);
+void content_write(FILE *f, char *content, u32 size);
+void content_free(char *content);
+void content_decrypt(char *content, tmd_content_record *record, tik *tik);
+void content_encrypt(char *content, tmd_content_record *record, tik *tik);
+void footer_read(FILE *f, char *footer, u32 size);
+void footer_write(FILE *f, char *footer, u32 size);
+void footer_free(char *footer);
+void build_info_read(FILE *f, build_info *bi);
+void build_info_write(FILE *f, build_info *bi);
+void imet_read(FILE *f, imet *imet);
+void imet_write(FILE *f, imet *imet);